Having worked in multiple startups and in consulting over the past 8 years, I've been fortunate to get exposure to numerous industries, teams and office environments.

The following criteria help me make informed career decisions.

This quote nicely sums up some of the most important criteria:

Meaningful work and meaningful relationships - Ray Dalio

My Key Job Criteria

1. Location
  • Good weather
  • Many (and new!) events
  • Nice people
  • Language spoken
  • Progressive mentality
  • Cost of living vs income
  • Transport options
  • Time & cost to fly back to my family in Cork
  • Distance to the beach
2. Commute
  • Max 30mins cycle/jog/walk each way
  • Must be able to gym in the morning
3. Income & benefits
  • Base salary
  • Bonus
  • Tax rate
  • Equity
  • Pension plan
  • Health plan
  • Flexibility to take take off to travel
  • Additional perks
4. Culture
  • Talented team mates
  • Leadership that trust the team
  • Fun environment
  • Good work-life balance
  • Colleagues I would meet-up with outside of work
  • Flexible working hours
  • Focus on results rather than number of hours spent in the office
  • Minimal bureaucracy
5. Technology
  • Greenfield
  • Freedom to use own tools
  • Process maturity
6. Responsibility
  • Scope to shape direction and make an impact
  • Potential for rapid growth
  • Opportunity to teach others
7. Cause
  • Ethical
  • Impact on the world