Life's Little Instruction Book
Life's Little Instruction Book

Life's Little Instruction Book

I read years ago that it was not the responsibility of parents to pave the road for their children, but to provide a road map. That’s how I hoped he would use these mind-and-heart reflections. (Location 34)

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Note: .parenting provide a roadmap rather than pave the road

Compliment three people every day. (Location 50)

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Note: .compliment

Remember other people’s birthdays. (Location 52)

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Note: .memory

Plant flowers every spring. (Location 64)

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Note: .flowers

Be the first to say “hello.” (Location 65)

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Note: .communication

Learn three clean jokes. (Location 70)

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If in a fight, hit first and hit hard. (Location 74)

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Never refuse homemade brownies. (Location 87)

Write thank-you notes promptly. (Location 89)

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Note: .thank

Stop blaming others. Take responsibility for every area of your life. (Location 102)

Live so that when your children think of fairness, caring, and integrity, they think of you. (Location 106)

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Remember that all news is biased. (Location 112)

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Be brave. Even if you’re not, pretend to be. No one can tell the difference. (Location 113)

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Note: .brave nobody can tell if youre brave or not

When you want to teach a lesson, tell a story. (Location 135)

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Note: .stories peiple remember stories

Refill ice cube trays. (Location 139)

Lend only those books you never care to see again. (Location 149)

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Note: .books .lending only lend books you dont mind never seeing again

Tell your kids often how terrific they are and that you trust them. (Location 153)

Tags: parenting

Note: .parenting

Don’t buy expensive wine, luggage, or watches. (Location 169)

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Note: .luxury .wine

Stop and read historical roadside markers. (Location 173)

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Note: .lifetips

Never buy something you don’t need just because it’s on sale. (Location 176)

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Note: .sales .consumerism .lifetips

When people are relating important events that happened to them, don’t try to top them with a story of your own. Let them have the stage. (Location 191)

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Note: .communication

Give yourself an hour to cool off before responding to someone who has provoked you. If it involves something really important, give yourself overnight. (Location 198)

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Note: .anger

Get acquainted with a good lawyer, accountant, and plumber. (Location 207)

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Note: .lifetips

Never take action when you’re angry. (Location 231)

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Note: .anger

Give people a second chance, but not a third. (Location 234)

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Note: .lifetips

When you’re proud of your children, let them know it. (Location 235)

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Note: .parenting

Wear out, don’t rust out. (Location 241)

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Note: .lifetips

Don’t quit a job until you’ve lined up another. (Location 258)

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Note: .career .lifetips

Look for ways to make your boss look good. (Location 264)

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Note: .career .lifetips

Don’t allow the phone to interrupt important moments. It’s there for your convenience, not the caller’s. (Location 276)

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Note: .phone the phone is there for your convenience, not the callers

Don’t plan a long evening on a blind date. A lunch date is perfect. If things don’t work out, both of you have wasted only an hour. (Location 282)

Tags: lifetip, dating

Note: .dating .lifetip

Don’t discuss business in elevators or restrooms. You never know who may overhear you. (Location 283)

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Note: .career .lifetip

Never tell anyone they look tired or depressed. (Location 294)

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Note: .lifetip dont tell peiple they look tired

Never pay for work before it’s completed. (Location 296)

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Note: .work .lifetip

Remember the three Rs: respect for self; respect for others; responsibility for all your actions. (Location 304)

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Note: .parenting

Be the first adult to jump into the pool or run into the ocean with the kids. They will love you for it. (Location 332)

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Note: .lifeadvice

Leave everything a little better than you found it. (Location 343)

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Note: .lifetip

Remember, the deal’s not done until the check has cleared the bank. (Location 368)

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Note: .work .lifetip

Remember that winners do what losers don’t want to do. (Location 405)

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Note: .success .lifetip

Be wary of people who tell you how honest they are. (Location 424)

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Note: .lifetip

When you arrive at your job in the morning, let the first thing you say brighten everyone’s day. (Location 432)

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Note: .communication .lifetip

Never give loved ones a gift that suggests they need improvement. (Location 454)

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Note: .gift .lifetip

Let your children overhear you saying complimentary things about them to other adults. (Location 468)

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Note: .parenting

When faced with a serious health problem, get at least three medical opinions. (Location 489)

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Note: .health .lifetip

Don’t let your possessions possess you. (Location 505)

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Note: .minimalism

When you and your wife have a disagreement, regardless of who’s wrong, apologize. Say, “I’m sorry I upset you. Would you forgive me?” These are healing, magical words. (Location 512)

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Note: .apologise

Get your priorities straight. No one ever said on his deathbed, “Gee, if I’d only spent more time at the office.” (Location 518)

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Note: .priorities

Share the credit. (Location 529)

Tags: praise

Note: .praise reminds me of marks story about the dutch soldiers

Answer the phone with enthusiasm and energy in your voice. (Location 539)

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Note: .calls

Record your parents’ laughter. (Location 543)

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Note: .parents

Don’t be afraid to say, “I don’t know.” 443. Don’t be afraid to say, “I made a mistake.” 444. Don’t be afraid to say, “I need help.” 445. Don’t be afraid to say, “I’m sorry.” (Location 557)

Send your loved one flowers. Think of a reason later. (Location 564)

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Note: .family .flowers

Don’t be rushed into making an important decision. People will understand if you say, “I’d like a little more time to think it over. Can I get back to you tomorrow?” (Location 580)

Tags: decisions

Note: do not rush into important decisions

Be prepared. You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. (Location 583)

Tags: firstimpressions

Note: .firstimpressions be prepared

Never admit at work that you’re tired, angry, or bored. (Location 589)

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Note: .career

Decide to get up thirty minutes earlier. Do this for a year, and you will add seven and one-half days to your waking world. (Location 597)

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Note: .morning

Be a leader. Remember, the lead sled dog is the only one with a decent view. (Location 617)

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Note: .leader

Don’t judge people by their relatives. (Location 642)

When you feel terrific, notify your face. (Location 643)

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Note: .smile

Keep a diary of your accomplishments at work. Then when you ask for a raise, you’ll have the information you need to back it up. (Location 656)

Tags: career

Note: .career record your accomplishments

Never be the first to break a family tradition. (Location 657)

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Note: .family

Remember that everyone you meet is afraid of something, loves something, and has lost something. (Location 665)

Never leave the kitchen when something’s boiling on the stove. (Location 674)

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Note: .cooking

When you lose, don’t lose the lesson. (Location 685)

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Note: .quote .losing

Don’t overlook life’s small joys while searching for the big ones. (Location 686)

Think twice before accepting the lowest bid. (Location 708)

Write a short note inside the front cover when giving a book as a gift. (Location 709)

Tags: gifts, books

When you are totally exhausted but have to keep going, wash your face and hands and put on clean socks and a clean shirt. You will feel remarkably refreshed. (Location 718)

Make allowances for your friends’ imperfections as readily as you do for your own. (Location 720)

Take the stairs when it’s four flights or less. (Location 734)

Don’t stop the parade to pick up a dime. (Location 749)

Everybody deserves a birthday cake. Never celebrate a birthday without one. (Location 756)

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Note: .birthday

Spend your time and energy creating, not criticizing. (Location 760)

Don’t dismiss a good idea simply because you don’t like the source. (Location 769)

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Note: .idea

Win without boasting. 628. Lose without excuses. (Location 785)

When you carve the Thanksgiving turkey, give the first piece to the person who prepared it. (Location 796)

Don’t say no until you’ve heard the whole story. (Location 818)

When you know that someone has gone to a lot of trouble to get dressed up, tell them they look terrific! (Location 822)

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Note: .compliment

Share your knowledge. It’s a way to achieve immortality. (Location 835)

When there is a hill to climb, don’t think that waiting will make it smaller. (Location 847)

Hug children after you discipline them. (Location 851)

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Note: .parenting

When there’s a piano to be moved, don’t reach for the stool. (Location 866)