We love greenlights. They don’t interfere with our direction. They’re easy. They’re a shoeless summer. (Location 175)

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It’s a matter of how we see the challenge in front of us and how we engage with it. Persist, pivot, or concede. It’s up to us, our choice every time. (Location 200)

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A denied expectation hurts more than a denied hope, while a fulfilled hope makes us happier than a fulfilled expectation. Hope’s got a higher return on happiness and less debit on denial, it’s just not as measurable. My parents measured. (Location 270)

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We cannot fully appreciate the light without the shadows. We have to be thrown off balance to find our footing. It’s better to jump than fall. And here I am. (Location 1023)

The sooner we become less impressed with our life, our accomplishments, our career, our relationships, the prospects in front of us—the sooner we become less impressed and more involved with these things—the sooner we get better at them. We must be more than just happy to be here. (Location 1308)

I was ready to graduate and take “I would if I could” to “I can and I am.” (Location 1333)

just enough to buy a ticket to the game, meaning, enough to make me want to watch it closely and give a damn, enough to get a buzz. (Location 1475)

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Note: .gambling bet enough to "buy a ticket to the game"

“That’s great, Matthew, if you want your jeans pressed.” I’d never had my jeans pressed before. I’d never had anyone to press my jeans before. (Location 1542)

Note: WHen you can, ask yourself if you want to before you do

We have to prepare to have freedom. We have to do the work to then do the job. We have to prepare for the job so we can be free to do the work. (Location 1592)

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All I want is what I can see, all I can see is in front of me. (Location 1801)

“Hey, you Matthew McConaughey?” a voice to my left drunkenly asked. Making sure to stake my ground and not appear to be an easy prey for their night’s entertainment,* I answered in a semi-smartass way, “For twenty-nine years,” I said. “Why?” (Location 1915)

Note: Are you x? For 31 years!

One of the great freedoms of trailer life is that you can hitch up, leave, and find a new backyard whenever you want. Chase down sporting events, concerts, boondock in the desert, wake up to a grizzly bear out your window on an Idaho river morning, hike through the Antelope Valley of Utah, meet people like I did in Montana, or get a Port Authority escort through Times Square in New York City, but you also need a place to get your mail. I especially liked the Golden, Colorado, summers and the Austin, Texas, autumns, so I got a P.O. box at a park in each one. These two destinations served as “home bases” for me, two addresses where Ms. Hud and I would stop and stay awhile, read my mail, hardwire to city amps and water, hang out with old friends, and plan our next adventure. (Location 1961)

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Remember, I thought, better to have a scent and be remembered, than to have none and be forgotten. That’s it. Wet shit. “Yes, let’s go there,” I said. (Location 2219)

“It is not about right or wrong. It is ‘Do you understand?!’” (Location 2237)

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Note: .argument .hc44 it is about understanding rather than being right

“You’d better be different, not sorry.” (Location 2241)

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Note: .sorry .apologise do t just apologise, learn and act differently

They are not trying to win arguments of right or wrong. They are trying to understand each other. That’s different. (Location 2244)

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“It is not about win or lose, it is about do you accept the challenge,” Issa said as he looked at me and smiled. “When you did that, you already won.” (Location 2330)

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Note: .challenge accepting the challenge is more important than winning or losing

I’ve found that a good plan is to first recognize the problem, then stabilize the situation, organize the response, then respond. (Location 2690)

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