Cambridge Day Trip

Cambridge Day Trip

  • The London to Cambridge train journey is about an hour and even quicker if you take the express train.
  • Trains depart from Kings Cross or Liverpool Street stations with around 4 departures per hour.
  • If you arrive by train it’s a 20min walk into town and the main tourist attractions down Station and Regent Streets.
  • You could also take the Citi 1 or Citi 3 bus from outside the station.

Link to get Train tickets:

  • Tower at Great St Mary’s (Centre of Cambridge, good view point) - £5
  • Kings college chapel - £9
  • Botanic garden - picnic
  • Cambridge Market
  • Stroll along the River Cam in the area known as “the Backs”
  • Kings college £8
  • St John’s College £7.50
  • Trinity College £2
  • Head to the Mill pub and you will find tours leaving regularly from 09:00am to dusk. In winter blankets are provided so you stay cosy on your tour.
  • The trip lasts 45mins, bring some drinks
  • Scudamore's Punting Company is one of the main operators, The cost for a shared boat tour (around 8-10 people in total) is £20 per person. We did this.
  • There are plenty of Scudamore folk trying to sell tickets, they give you a coupon for a 10% discount off the £22 price advertised
  • Another punting company, Trinity College, operates slightly up the river (outside Trinity College) and costs £15 per person. We did not do this as only saw it after.
  • Went to 'The old bicycle shop' for brunch. You pass in on the walk from the train station to the town centre
  • Went to 'The Tiffin Truck' for Indian dinner. Casual, tasty and v good value food located on the walk back to the train station.
  • Stickybeaks brunch
  • The Pint Shop pub
  • Fitzbillies - Chelsea bun
  • falafel stall - taste of cambridge
  • The Anchor pub
  • Novi - cocktails