Problem Hacking
Problem Hacking

Problem Hacking

Solutions are found INSIDE the problem. Effective problem solving is not about generating solutions, it鈥檚 about mastering problems. (Location聽28)

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Note: Focus on mastering the problem

Problem Hacking includes five steps: 1 OBSERVE Find an objective fact that indicates there is a problem. Ask: What proof do we have that the problem exists?

2 UNFOLD Brainstorm possible causes for your observation. Ask: Why is this occurring?

3 IDENTIFY Identify one root cause that must be true. Ask: Which cause, once dealt with, could also fix the other causes?

4 COUNTERACT Set a counteraction for the root cause. Ask: What can be done to mitigate the root cause?

5 DEFINE Write a Guiding Principle describing criteria for the desired solution. Ask: What does the solution need to include? (Location聽162)

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What proof do we have that the problem exists? I鈥檝e seen many smart, experienced executives pale to this question as they realize there is no problem at all. This question is simple and works like a charm. (Location聽253)

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Note: .problemhacking what proof do you have the issue exists

Brainstorm causes, not solutions. First, people are less defensive and more relaxed when brainstorming causes. Second, working out driving factors readies us for hard questions and a deeper investigation of the problem at hand. (Location聽255)

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Note: brainstorm causes of a problem

Set solution requirements. How can you find anything if you don鈥檛 know what you are looking for? Defining your Guiding Principle before you search for a solution can save precious time and resources. (Location聽257)

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