The purpose of these rules is to create a sustainable system to improve my diet. Please note these are aspirational! My diet remains the area of my daily routine which has the most potential for improvement.

Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. - Michael Pollan
The banquet is in the first bite.

I do

  1. I eat food that will rot
  2. I choose veg when available
  3. I stop eating when 80% full
  4. I use smaller plates
  5. I put down cutlery when eating
  6. I do not eat before 12:00
  7. I eat well when I travel
  8. I eat at a table
  9. I eat meals at home
  10. I follow the plate method:

I do not

  1. I do not eat snacks after dinner
  2. I do not eat after 10pm
  3. I do not eat yogurt
  4. I do not eat meat or fish

When Travelling

  1. I do not eat crisps/chocolate
  2. I do not eat chips
  3. I do not have pastries
  4. I eat veg
  5. I eat fruit