Simple Daily Routine (Pre-lockdown!)

Simple Daily Routine (Pre-lockdown!)

I usually stick to the following routine for 4 of the 5 weekdays. Weekends are less predictable!


  • Alarm at 6.45am (Phone placed on other side of the bedroom)
  • Snooze for 15mins, out of bed @ 7am
  • Drink a pint of water and half a scoop of pre-workout
  • Gym 7.15am - 8am
  • Protein shake, oat milk and creatine for breakfast
  • Take vitamin D tablet & Omega 3 oil
  • Complete 5 minute journal entry
  • Check email, slack and social media
  • Leave apartment at 8.45am for 15min walk to work
  • Listen to podcast on the walk


  • Bed by 10.30pm
  • Complete 5 minute journal entry, including listing 3 priority tasks for the following day
  • Put gym clothes out for the morning
  • Use Philips sunrise/sunset light to wind down
  • Read nonfiction book on Kindle for 30mins