The Millionaire Fastlane
The Millionaire Fastlane

The Millionaire Fastlane

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Thankfully, your belief (or disbelief) of Fastlane strategy doesn’t change my reality; it only changes yours. Let me repeat: Your opinion of the Fastlane doesn’t change (and can’t change) my reality; its purpose is to change yours. (Location 201)

Note: Your opinion doesnt change my reality


Normal is not something to aspire to, it’s something to get away from. ~ Jodie Foster (Location 300)

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Note: .normal dont aspire to be normal

Chapter Summary: Fastlane Distinctions ✓- “Get Rich Slow” demands a long life of gainful employment. ✓- “Get Rich Slow” is a losing game because it is codependent on Wall Street and anchored by your time. ✓- The real golden years of life are when you’re young, sentient, and vibrant. (Location 391)

The object of life is not to be on the side of the masses, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane. ~ Marcus Aurelius (Location 396)

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The journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. ~ Lao Tzu (Location 702)

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Note: .quotes .momentum break large tasks into smaller pieces

Wealth eludes most people because they are preoccupied with events while disregarding process. Without process, there is no event. (Location 741)

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If you don’t know where you are going, how will you know if you get there? An undefined destination means an undefined arrival. More than likely, you’ll end up where you don’t want to go. You find wealth with a roadmap, not a dartboard. (Location 823)

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Note: .plan you find with a roadmap not a dartboard

Those lacking financial discipline misuse money to delay the inevitable. If you can’t live on $40,000 a year, you won’t be able to live on $400,000 a year. While you might fret about your $900 mortgage payment, the income-rich Sidewalker frets about his $9,000 mortgage payment. The fretting is alike; the problems are the same, only the amounts differ. Only a mindset change regarding money is a solution to money problems. To change your mindset, you must change your roadmap. Get off the Sidewalk and stop equating wealth to income and debt. (Location 1097)

Wealth is not authored by material possessions, money, or “stuff,” but by what I call the three fundamental “F’s”: family (relationships), fitness (health), and freedom (choice). Within this wealth trinity is where you will find true wealth and, yes, happiness. (Location 1133)

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Note: .wealth wealth is family fitness and freedom. The 3fs

Money can’t buy happiness, but it can make you awfully comfortable While you’re being miserable. ~ Clare Boothe Luce (Location 1223)

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A 2003 World Value Survey ( as well as the 2018 Happiness Report ( found that the happiest people in the world have a tight sense of community, social support, and strong family bonds. After basic needs are met (security, shelter, health, food), our happiness quotient is most significantly impacted by the quality of our relationships with our partners, our family, our friends, our spirituality, and ourselves. (Location 1238)

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So how do you know if you can afford it? If you pay cash and your lifestyle doesn’t change regardless of future circumstances, you can afford it. In other words, if you buy a boat, pay cash, and are NOT be affected by unexpected “bumps in the road,” you can afford it. (Location 1327)

If you can’t immunize yourself from the temptations of instant gratification, you’ll be hard pressed to find success in either health or wealth. Both demand a lifestyle shift from short-term thinking (instant gratification) to long-term thinking (delayed gratification). This is the only defense to Lifestyle Servitude. (Location 1346)

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Note: You need to avoid instant gratification to build weath and healtgh

Process creates events that others see as luck. (Location 1392)

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The Law of Victims says you can’t be a victim if you don’t relinquish power to someone capable of making you a victim. When you abdicate control to others, you essentially become a hitchhiker with no seat belt. You take the passenger seat in a stranger’s car, which could be murderous to your financial plan. And when that happens, you’re vulnerable to joining the ranks of victims. (Location 1495)

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The road to victimhood is through denial: First responsibility, then accountability. People who don’t take responsibility are victims. Some of them are born victims and, instead of trying to improve their hand, they fold and give up. For them, everyone has the solution to their problems but them. And their problems? Not their fault. Nope, someone else is to blame. Instead of looking within, they look outward and project responsibility to some other entity. Victims are Sidewalkers who refuse to take the driver’s seat of their own lives and live under a dark cloud of “theys” reflective of a “me against them” attitude. (Location 1499)

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Note: .victim victims dont take responsibility

“Who’s the idiot, the idiot himself or the idiot that hires the idiot?” But I wasn’t a victim because I first was responsible: It was my fault. I allowed it to happen. (Location 1580)

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Note: .responsible be responsible for all your decisions

Immunization for victimitis occurs when you are both responsible for AND accountable to your actions and the action’s possible poor consequences. Own your mistakes, failures, and triumphs. Reflect on your choices. Are you in a situation because you put yourself there? Did you error in the process? Were you lazy? Most bad situations are consequences of bad choices. Own them and you own your life. (Location 1587)


Negative 60%: The Dismal Return of the Slowlane The ultimate insanity is to sell your soul Monday through Friday for the paycheck of Saturday and Sunday. Yes, give me $5 today and in return I’ll give you $2 back tomorrow. 5-for-2. No? How about five loaves of bread today and in return, I’ll give you two back tomorrow. No again? Why? This is a smoking deal! Hopefully you recognize that five of anything in exchange for two is a bad return. The 5-for-2 return on investment is a negative 60%. If you make consistent negative 60% return on investments, you’d go bankrupt quick. What logical person would accept such a horrific deal? (Location 1784)

When the Slowlane is deconstructed, you find two variables:

The “primary income source” (defines how income is earned)

The “wealth accelerator” (defines how wealth is accumulated)

The Slowlaner’s primary income source comes from “a job,” while the wealth acceleration vehicle comes from “market investments” like 401(k)s and indexed-funds.

Slowlaner’s wealth equation: WEALTH = (Job)   +   (Market Investments) (Location 2074)

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Notice that intrinsic value is measured in units of TIME. This “time attachment” introduces the Slowlane’s first punitive element of wealth creation. Can you control time? Can you leverage time? You can’t. Your time is limited to 24 hours of exchange. If you earn $200/hour, you can’t miraculously demand to work 400 hours in one day. If you earn $50,000/year, you can’t miraculously demand to work 400 years in your life. Time has no leverage. (Location 2095)

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Note: .time your wealth is restricted if you sell your time

The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education. ~ Albert Einstein (Location 2412)

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✓- Slowlaners attempt to manipulate intrinsic value by education. (Location 2500)

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Note: .education time is limited so raisse your hourly wage by being more educated

Is it possible you’re being sold one wealth equation while the player of the game uses another? (Location 2587)

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Take advice from people with a proven, successful track record of their espoused discipline. ✓- Many money gurus often suffer from a Paradox of Practice; they teach one wealth equation while getting rich in another. They’re not rich from their own teachings. (Location 2619)

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Note: .advice follow those with a proven track record in what they teach


 Your own business, self-employment, and entrepreneurship are centrist to the Fastlane, much like a job is to the Slowlane. (Location 2905)

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Note: .wealth you need your own business to be very wealthy

He never finishes his pyramid promised to Pharaoh simply because he decides to do the heavy lifting himself when he should have focused on a system to do it for him. (Location 3085)

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Note: .system dont do all the heavy lighting yourself,implement a system to make it easier

The Fastlane Is a Business System: The Slowlane Is a Job The Slowlane is a job: your hard work traded for your employer’s cash. Azur’s struggles resemble that of a Slowlaner; to get rich, you’re told to get stronger (spend money, return to school, and earn more in the job market) so you can lift heavier stones. The Fastlane is about building a better system, a better contraption, a better product, or a better “something” that will leverage your work. In the Slowlane, you are the source of heavy lifting, while in the Fastlane, you construct a system that does it for you. On your wealth road trip, the Slowlane roadmap asks that you endure a long, tiresome walk to wealth. The toil of wealth is the process itself. In the Fastlane, wealth is driven in a business system you create—the toil is the creation and management of the system itself. (Location 3092)

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Note: .wealth create a system to get wealthy rather than having a job

The winning team is Team Producer. Reshape life’s focus on producing, not consuming. When you reframe your thinking from majority thinking (consumer) to minority thinking (producer), you effectively switch teams and allegiances. Yes, become a producer first and a consumer second. (Location 3123)

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Note: .produce be a producer rather than a consumer

Applied, this means instead of buying products on TV, sell products. Instead of digging for gold, sell shovels. Instead of taking a class, offer a class. Instead of borrowing money, lend it. Instead of taking a job, hire for jobs. Instead of taking a mortgage, hold a mortgage. Break free from consumption, switch sides, and reorient to the world as producer. (Location 3127)

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Note: Be a producer rather than a consumer

Be a Producer: Leverage the Business of a System To switch teams and become a producer, you need to be an entrepreneur and an innovator. You need to be a visionary and a creator. You need to give birth to a business and offer the world value. (Location 3149)

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Fastlaners are producers, entrepreneurs, innovators, visionaries, and creators. (Location 3197)

Isn’t it wonderful to have control? These were my options to create wealth. I had reasonable control over both variables, “unit profit” and “units sold,” whereas in the Slowlane you’re left pleading with the boss for a measly 3% salary raise. (Location 3256)

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Note: .wealth you have control over the levers that increase your wealth in a startup

Asset Value = (Net Profit) × (Industry Multiplier) Any time an asset has sustainable profits, an industry multiplier governed by prevailing market conditions determines the asset’s value. Other people or companies will buy that asset based on the asset’s net profit multiplied by the assessed multiple. For example, if you own a manufacturing company that nets $100,000 and the average multiple for your industry is 6, your asset value is worth $600,000. Industry multipliers are subject to intense negotiating as they rise and fall with the economy and within industry sectors. (Location 3309)

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Note: .valuations .multipliers different industries will have different multipliers to caculate value

For example, in my particular web space, industry multipliers ranged from 2 to 6. For this analysis, let’s use the middle: 4. This means that any time I increased my net profit, the value of my business increased by a minimum factor of 4, or 400%. 400%! Where can you get a return of 400% in today’s financial market? Are there any mutual funds paying 400%? Forget about today, how about ever? (Location 3323)

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How did I escape these controls that society finds perfectly acceptable? Instead of trading my time for money (manual labor), I traded it into a business system—industrialized wealth production. (Location 3483)

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Note: .time dont trade time for money

Money trees are business systems that survive on their own. They require periodic support and nurturing but survive on their own, creating a surrogate for your time-for-money trade. (Location 3500)

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1)​Rental Systems 2)​Computer/Software Systems 3)​Content Systems 4)​Distribution Systems 5)​Human Resource Systems (Location 3528)

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The 5 money-tree seedlings are rental systems, computer systems, content systems, distribution systems, and human-resource systems. ✓- Real estate, licenses, and patents are examples of rental systems. ✓- Internet and software businesses are examples of computer systems. ✓- Authoring books, blogging, and magazines are forms of content systems. ✓- Franchising, chaining, network marketing, and television marketing are examples of distribution systems. ✓- Human resource systems can add or subtract to passivity. ✓- Human resource systems are the most expensive to manage and implement. (Location 3671)

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Instead of trading my time for dollars, I invested my time into an autonomous system simultaneously capable of passivity and capable of funding my money system. It was a dual-flanked attack where passive income was both the short and long term goal. (Location 3739)

The point of this illustration is to show that the rich aren’t using compound interest to get wealthy; they’re using it for income, liquidity, and capital deployment. (Location 3800)

Fastlaners (the rich) don’t use compound interest or the markets to get wealthy but to create income, preserve liquidity, and deploy capital. (Location 3816)

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Note: .compound most milionaires didnt make their fortune from compound interest

Scale creates millionaires. Magnitude creates millionaires. Scale and magnitude creates billionaires. (Location 3896)

Scale translates to “units sold” of our profit variable within our Fastlane wealth equation. Magnitude translates to “unit profit” of our profit variable within our Fastlane wealth equation. (Location 3940)

If your car’s fuel tank had a small leak, how would you fix it? The symptomatic solver would increase his trips to the gas station to ensure a steady inflow of fuel. The problematic solver plugs up the hole. One addresses the symptom (the gas tank leaks), while the other addresses the problem (there’s a hole in the gas tank). While adding fuel addresses the symptom, it doesn’t solve the problem. (Location 4055)

Think of it like a golf club striking a golf ball. When the clubface hits the ball square, the ball goes straight and heads toward the hole. But when the clubface is rotated a fraction of one degree, the ball’s trajectory lands far off course. At impact, the divergence is minor, but as the ball travels further it widens and widens until the gap is so large that getting back on track is nearly impossible. A bad choice can set your trajectory off by only one degree today, but over years the error is magnified. (Location 4172)

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Note: A bad choice can alter your course which is magnified over the years

Your Perception Is Not the Reality (Location 4261)

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Note: .perception .quotes

Worse Case Consequence Analysis (WCCA) asks you to answer three questions about every decision of consequence: 1)​ What is the worst-case consequence of this choice? 2)​ What is the probability of this outcome? 3) ​Is this an acceptable risk? (Location 4320)

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Note: This is similar to principles in fooled by randomness. Be aware of the worst case scenario and the probability of it occuring.

The universe doesn’t care about your past. It is blind to it. The universe doesn’t care that I wore pink pants in high school. (Hey, remember Miami Vice?) The universe doesn’t care that I got in a fight with Francis Franken and lost. The universe doesn’t care about your MBA from UCLA, your drug-dealing father, or that you wet your bed in junior high. The universe simply doesn’t care. One person and one person only weaponizes past transgressions: you. If the universe doesn’t remember, why should you? (Location 4432)

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Note: .history nobody cares about your past

Ridicule is the tribute paid to the genius by the mediocrities. ~ Oscar Wilde (Location 4470)

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Note: .different the general pubic dont appreciate the genius

Extraordinary wealth will require you to have extraordinary beliefs. (Location 4486)

Time isn’t a commodity, something you pass around like a cake. Time is the substance of life. When anyone asks you to give your time, they’re really asking for a chunk of your life. ~ Antoinette Bosco (Location 4581)

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Time is deathly scarce, while money is richly abundant. (Location 4766)

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Indentured time is time you spend to earn money. Free time is spent as you please. (Location 4767)

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Free time is bought and paid for by indentured time. (Location 4769)

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Waiting University: Bring something to read with you when you anticipate a painful wait: Airports, doctor’s offices, and your state’s brutal motor vehicle department. Don’t sit there and twiddle your thumbs—learn! (Location 4914)

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Note: .learning use waiiting time to learn by reading

A $50,000 seminar is exploitation of what we producers know: People are lazy. People want it handed to them. They don’t want to read and connect the dots. They want to be steered and hand-held, or even better, have it done for them entirely.  People want events, not process, and what better event than a $50,000 seminar! (Location 4968)

The sweat of success is failure, and I am soaking wet. (Location 5066)

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Note: .failure

Intelligent risks have unlimited upside (long term) and limited downside (short term.) (Location 5182)

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story short) the folks at Google claimed the content violated their terms. My ads were terminated and the revenue stopped. Now imagine if my forum and its Google revenue were responsible for feeding my family. Imagine if I was earning $15,000/month from these ads and in one big swoop, poof! Gone. No control. No say. No power. It took me eight days to fix the problem, but it exposed the hitchhiking dangers as a passenger versus driving it. For those eight days, my income from that activity was zero. In any driver/hitchhiker relationship, the driver always makes more money than the hitchhiker and retains a critical component to Fastlane strategy: control. I can’t imagine running a company in which another entity has the power to instantaneously kill your revenue stream. If someone can “flip a switch” and destroy your business, you’re playing roulette with your financial plan. The congenital danger of hitchhiking is that you give up the keys to the driver. If the driver crashes into a wall, guess who goes with them. (Location 5301)

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Note: .control dont rely on another company who can cut your revenue

Our plans miscarry because they have no aim. When a man does not know what harbor he is making for, no wind is the right wind. ~ Seneca (Location 5421)

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Note: .plans .quotes

When it comes to money, the best warning flag is “everyone.” Everyone is a red flag that the Commandment of Entry has been violated. If everyone is bewitched by the same activity, it surely will fail. While “everyone” was buying houses like crazy during the housing boom, I did the opposite. I sat on the sidelines and sold. When the frenzy is buying, you should be selling. When the frenzy is selling, you should be buying or staying pat. (Location 5505)

Dumb money—EVERYONE—always shows up at the end of a boom. Who is dumb money? Consumers! Money chasers!

But some shrewd people have mastered the Rule of Everyone. Instead of getting out, they short the other side and profit from the downfall.

With every busted boom, new millionaires and billionaires are created because they saw the impending collapse inevitable in every meteoric irrational ascension. (Location 5526)

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People care about what your business can do for them. How will it help them? What’s in it for them? Will it solve their problem? Make their life easier? Provide them with shelter? Save them money? Educate them? Make them feel something? Tell me, why on God’s green Earth should I give your business money? What value are you adding to my life? Reflect back to our producer/consumer dichotomy. Consumers are selfish. They demand to know is “what’s in it for me!” To succeed as a producer, surrender your own selfishness and address the selfishness of others. (Location 5561)

Stop thinking about business in terms of your selfish desires, whether it’s money, dreams or “do what you love.” Instead, chase needs, problems, pain points, service deficiencies, and emotions. (Location 5568)

Money isn’t attracted to selfish people. It is attracted to businesses that solve problems. It’s attracted to people who fill needs and add value. Solve needs massively and money massively attracts. The amount of money in your life is merely a reflection to the amount of value you have given to others. (Location 5630)

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Note: .money solve problems

why is the field for personal trainers so saturated? Simple. People follow the espoused guru-esque advice without reflection on need: “Do what you love.” Unfortunately, if you LOVE doing it, bet on thousands of others loving it too. When you “do what you love,” prepare to face stiff competition. Who enjoys higher margins? The personal trainer? Or the guy who starts a company to clean up crime scenes? (Location 5715)

Note: If you do what you love you make face stiff competition. Eg personal trainers

The Commandment of Need states that businesses that solve needs win. Needs can be pain points, service gaps, unsolved problems, or emotional disconnects. (Location 5808)

Tags: problem focused, startup

Note: .startup make sure you solve a need

The cost of a thing is the amount of what I will call life which is required to be exchanged for it, immediately or in the long run. ~ HENRY DAVID THOREAU (Location 5826)

Tags: cost, time

Note: .time .cost the cost of something is how much time working you have to trade for it

A business attached to your time is a job. A business that earns income exclusive of your time satisfies the Commandment of Time. (Location 5879)

Tags: service, career, startup, time

Note: .time create businesses that are not dependent on your time

Fastlane wealth equation: Wealth = Net Profit + Asset Value Asset value is predicated on net profit, which is predicated by unit profit multiplied by units sold. Net Profit = Units Sold × Unit Profit (Location 5911)

Fastlane Purity: Five Commandments Thou shalt not invest in a needless business. Thou shalt not trade time for money. Thou shalt not operate on a limited scale. Thou shalt not relinquish control. Thou shalt not let a business startup be an event over process. (Location 6063)

Tags: startup

Note: .startup ensure you have control, scale, not trade time for money

Internet business models (roads) fall into seven broad categories: ... Subscription-based Offer users access to data, information, or software (SAAS), and charge a monthly fee. Data can be leads, sales information, management services (social media dashboards) a proprietary database, or good old-fashioned pornography. ... Content-based Content-based models are online news magazines and blogs that disseminate information to a particular niche or industry. These services provide content for free consumption and sell advertising to parties who want to reach those eyeballs. ... Lead generation Lead generation services often provide a service to consumers while simultaneously aggregating a non-homogeneous industry. ... Social Networks / Communities / Forums Community building is a cousin of content systems. Instead of pooling content for eyeballs, people are pulled into groups, or tribes. Facebook started off as a pool for college-aged students and evolved into a generic social network for all ages. LinkedIn hits the upwardly mobile professional. Social networks are mere aggregators of like-minded communities, from mystery novel writers to gear heads who like to rebuild engines on the weekend. (Location 6087)

The best Fastlanes satisfy all five Commandments: Control, Entry, Need, Time, and Scale. (Location 6219)

The owner of an idea is not he who imagines it, but he who executes it. (Location 6670)

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Note: .execution the owner of an idea is the executer

Step 1: Uncover the Benefit(s) Get into business for the right reason: to add or create value, solve problems or fill a need. That creates your first USP. If you are already in business, find your greatest product benefit, one that sets it apart from the competition. If you don’t have a distinct benefit that’s obvious to your potential buyer, you’re operating without a USP. (Location 7375)

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Note: .usp

Step 4: Keep it Short, Clear, and Concise The best USPs are short, clear, and powerful. Long phrases get skipped over. Step 5: Integrate Your USP into ALL Marketing Materials A USP is worthless if it isn’t conveyed throughout every aspect of your business. Include your USP on all your public communications: => Your trucks, vehicles, and buildings => Your advertising, promotional materials, and social media accounts => Business cards, letterheads, signs, brochures, and flyers => Your website and your email signature => Your voice mail system, receptionist/sales scripts, etc. (Location 7399)

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Note: .slogan .usp short and clear plus on all materials

How to Rise above the Noise There are five ways to get your message above the noise: 1) Polarize 2) Arouse emotions 3) Be risqué 4) Encourage interaction and 5) Be unconventional (Location 7438)

If you want to sell anything, translate features to benefits. (Location 7535)

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Note: .selling highlight the benefit

Automate (fastlane superchArger) Automate your business and honor the Commandment of Time. Get your time detached from your business. The best passive-income money-tree seedlings are money systems, rental systems, computer systems, content systems, distribution systems, and human resource systems. The key to automation in any business lies in these seedlings. (Location 7791)

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Note: .automate detach money generation from time