The Art of Making Memories
The Art of Making Memories

The Art of Making Memories

To paraphrase one of the greatest philosophers of the twentieth century, Winnie-the-Pooh: you don’t know you are making memories, you just know you are having fun. (Location 188)

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Our lives are not the days that have passed, but the days we will remember for ever. (Location 199)

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This means that long-term happiness can depend on your ability to form a positive narrative of your life. (Location 213)

People were remembering experiences that were novel, meaningful, emotional and engaged the senses. (Location 235)

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Note: .memory novel, engaged the senses and emotions

Harness the power of firsts. Seek out novel experiences and make days extraordinary. (Location 269)

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Note: .memory seek novel and new experiences

Make it multisensory. Go beyond sight. Memories can also have sounds, scents, touch and tastes. (Location 270)

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Note: .memory invoke multiple senses

Invest attention. Treat your happy moments like you would your date. Pay attention to them! (Location 272)

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Note: .memory .attention pay attention

Use the emotional highlighter pen. Get the blood flowing. (Location 274)

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Note: .memory .emotion stir emotion

Use stories to stay ahead of the forgetting curve. Share stories. Do you remember the time we (Location 277)

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Note: .memory .stories telling stories enhances our memmory of an event

Semantic memory is the ability to remember that the capital of France is Paris. Episodic memory is your ability to remember your trip to Paris. (Location 306)

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Note: .memory there are two types of memory: semantic and episodic

Episodic memory covers the personal, unique and concrete experiences we can retrieve from our own past. Semantic memory is timeless knowledge that we share with the world about the world. (Location 313)

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Our satisfaction with life – our happiness – depends in part on whether we have, or create, a positive narrative of our life. (Location 439)

Novelty ensures durability when it comes to memory. (Location 527)

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If you want to create a night to remember for your dinner guests, then serving them something they have not tasted before might do the trick (but maybe not fermented shark, if you want them to come again). (Location 575)

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It might also be the reason why life seems to speed up as we get older. When we’re in our teens, there are a lot of firsts, while firsts at fifty are rarer. (Location 580)

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Note: .novelty life seems to speed up as we have fewer novel experiences

‘The advantage of a bad memory is that one enjoys several times the same good things for the first time.’ (Location 604)

If you want people to remember you, you need to give them something to remember you by. (Location 616)